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An exciting sponsored opportunity for FESA Emergency Services cadet corp and junior/cadets within FESA Volunteer Brigades, groups and Units

The Fire & Emergency Services Authority (FESA) is offering one place on the Quiet Lion Tour to either an Emergency Services Cadet or a Junior/Cadet member of a Volunteer Brigade, Group or Unit (BGU). The Quiet Lion Tour, which is organised by the Burma Thai Railway Memorial Association, is a fully guided tour of the Burma Thai Railway and has been operating for a number of years. The tour leaves every April, and the highlight is an ANZAC Day ceremony at ‘Hellfire Pass’, an area of significance on the railway.

All eligible juniors and Cadets can be nominated for this tour and are encouraged to attend. FESA has been sponsoring a Junior/Cadet to attend the annual tour since 2008. The successful FESA Junior/Cadet will be part of a group consisting of adults, secondary school students and other Cadets.

FESA will sponsor the Junior or Cadet and will cover expenses such as the tour fees (includes accommodation and most meals), flights, airport taxes and travel insurance. The successful junior or Cadet is required to fund other expenses, such as passport fees and personal spending monies.

The tour departs on 17th April and returns 28th April 2012. An itinerary with further details of the 2012 tour is attached to this form.

Essential Requirements:

The cadet/junior must have a current and valid passport or be able to obtain a passport for travel on these dates.(Passport has to be valid for 6 months from date of return to Australia).  Minimum age of 15 years at the time the tour departs on 17/4/12.  Must be a registered member of FESA Emergency Services Cadet Corps or FESA Volunteer Brigade, Group or Unit.

Parents/Guardians must give permission for Junior/Cadet to attend tour.

Should you require further information on this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact Suzanne Blyth, Volunteer and Youth Project Officer on 9323 9895 or by email 

  Nominations close 5pm, Friday 24th February 2012.

See full documentation and application form:  Burma Thai Railway Nomination Form V2.pdf


Cadets with floral tributes during the 2005 tour ceremony


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