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09/11/2011 – A messge to SES Volunteers

To all SES Volunteers

I would like to take this opportunity in congratulating each and every member of the State Emergency Service for your contribution in assisting the community cope with natural or man made emergencies.  A state the size of Western Australia could not provide timely, quality and effective emergency service to storms, cyclones, floods, tsunamis or earthquake without the commitment and dedication of our State Emergency Service volunteers.

I am very proud to support a team of more than 900 SES volunteers who not only provide assistance to the Metropolitan Region, but are equally ready, keen and waiting to provide assistance to Regional Western Australia, inter-state or in some cases overseas.  This is your week, a week when the Nation comes as one to celebrate State Emergency Services volunteers throughout the country.

Thanks also must go to your family, friends and employers for which without their support, our service to the community would be so much harder.  Take 5 to pat yourselves on the back and celebrate our strengths and successes.

Gary Gifford
Assistant Chief Operations Officer


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