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13/10/2011 – AFAC SES Natural Hazards Program

The SES Natural Hazards Children’s Awareness and Education Program launched nationally in November 2010. The advertising program featuring 10 x 30 second safety stories ran on free to air and selected pay-tv channels. A school resources kit was released to all state, independent and religious primary schools in Australia.The program objectives are designed to increase children’s awareness of the potential dangers inherent in floods, storms, cyclones, tsunamis and other natural hazards. Read more about the program on this fact sheet.  Research has shown that educating children about natural hazards is a promising avenue to pursue. Careful script development has been predicated on explaining the potential threat in a way that children can relate to, dispelling common myths and leaving children with a set of actions that are within their ability to execute – such as encouraging Mum and Dad to develop an emergency plan, or tidying up the yard and securing outdoor furniture because a storm is predicted.

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