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18/09/2011 – Armadale SES NURE course

David Sneddon reports that some Armadale SES volunteers have been involved in a Navigate Urban and Rural Environments course. After weeks of learning how to read maps, grid references, calculating grid and magnetic bearings and using a compass, they finally put their skills to the test.  The day consisted of each candidate having to get their team to a predetermined point with reasonable accuracy and without becoming geographically embarrassed. The terrain was variable from fairly open to medium density bush and undulating under foot.  The weather was pleasant and the rain held off for us.  All candidates did well and the only down side to the day was a number of freeloaders that returned with us (ticks).  There are still the vehicle navigation and post course assessments to be conducted over the coming weeks.  A big thanks you to Connie for looking after our welfare needs on the day.

Some pictures taken during the day






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