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23/08/2011 – Gosnells SES has a busy winter

It may appear to many that Winter this year has been wet. We have experienced continuous raining days on many occasions, including the heaviest August rain in 8 years.  Gosnells State Emergency Service (SES) Volunteers can support this. In the last three months, they have been twice as busy, when compared with the same period last year.

The effects of a winter storm include water damage to ceiling, walls and furniture. This often occurs during the night, when it is windy and raining.  While we may have had a wet winter it is possible that there is more to come.  “All home owners are reminded that they continue house maintenance and ensure that they are prepared for storms”, said Gosnells SES Local Manager Paul Hollamby.

One of the most common issues we deal with regularly is water entering homes directly due to gutters which are full of leaves and debris, and consequently overflow back into the home ceiling. Ceilings then collapse leaving a terrible mess and considerable heartache for the residents.  “You should check your gutters and roof for damage, clear gutters and downpipes so they won’t overflow in heavy rain, and trim any branches or trees near homes.” Prevention is far better than experiencing the dame a storm can cause.

Every householder we assist will tell us, “I didn’t think it would happened to me”. Do your regular maintenance and avoid your precious possessions and property being damaged.  It is worth remembering that volunteers would not be able to make this commitment without the support of their families and employers. 

We train regularly to be able to combat many types of natural and man-made disasters. In the last month we have assisted with Operations preparations and help other units with a navigation course.  Training with the SES is open to men and women, of all ages over 18. Contact the Gosnells SES on 9459 8015 to find out more about becoming a volunteer.


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