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08/08/2011 – SES Licence Plate Project Update

A major mile stone occurred today with the SES Licence Plate Project.  The SESVA received the sample plate for approval.  I must say it looks “GREAT”.  I on behalf of the Association signed the final approval and returned it to the Department of Transport.  Application forms should be available very soon.

So what happens next?

1.    For those Volunteers who have reserved numbers I will email you the application forms and also make them available on the SESVA website.  You will need to complete the form and mail it to the SESVA with the required payment made by Cheque of EFT.
2.    The SESVA will issue you with a receipt and forward your application form to the Department of Transport.

3.    The Department of Transport will contact you when the plates are ready to be collected from the Licensing Centre nominated by you. This usually takes an average of 2 to 3 weeks.

And then you can fit them to your vehicle and proudly display them for all to see.

Once again I appreciate your patience.

John Capes
Project Manager


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