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13/07/2011 – SES Volunteers wanted at the FESA Education & Heritage Centre

Are you interested in volunteering at the FESA Education & Heritage Centre?  There is a vacancy for a SES volunteer at the Education Centre on a Tuesday or Thursday.  Su Ferreira Manager said we are keen to welcome someone from the SES to join our team.  The public enjoys interacting with operational volunteers and listening to their experiences. As an SES member of the team you would contribute to the educational programs which include hazards that the SES respond to.

If you are interested please contact:

Su Ferreira
Fire & Emergency Services Education & Heritage Centre
25 Murray St, Perth WA, 6000|PO Box P1174, Perth WA, 6844
P:(08) 9416 3402|M:0409 719 032|F:(08) 9323 9527 FESA House Ext: 460|


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