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11/07/2011 – SES Fitness For Task Survey

The Australian Council of SES has received federal government funding to conduct a fit for task project. This project will look at the range of tasks undertaken by members of the SES, and will then consider/assign fitness standards for each of these tasks.

Research staff from Deakin University in Melbourne have been engaged to conduct the research into fitness standards for the SES sector.  Please find below a link to the survey.

The questions used in the job task analyses methodology require some thinking.  On the first page of the survey, respondents are invited to skip over questions where they cannot reasonably decide on their answer.  Unfortunately that is the nature of this type of research, but this approach has also produced valuable information for a number of occupations worldwide. The questions are based on SES operations and training manuals nationwide and were developed in concert with experienced SES personnel, Deakin University fully expect that when the results are collated across all respondents, the entire SES community will also benefit.

Please bring the survey to the attention of as many SES volunteers as possible, for consideration of participation.

The survey is scheduled to close on 20 July 2011


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