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11/07/2011 – News from Gosnells SES

Gosnells SES keeps performing

The last 5 weeks have been busy responding to a number of major storm events to affect the metropolitan area, as well as searching for a number of missing persons.  Since the mini tornado high Canning Vale in May, we had a number of requests for assistance from the Gosnells community early in June.

On the late afternoon of the 24th, we experienced some major rain and winds. The Gosnells SES responded to all requests within the City of Gosnells by mid-evening, after which at the request from FESA and the Canning SES unit, provided assistance. After stopping around midnight, assistance outside of Gosnells continued the next morning The following Monday had potential to be worse, but the volunteers and the community were fortunate as the bad weather seemed to miss the metro area.

We have also been involved in a couple of searches for missing people. The first search on Thursday night, Gosnells SES, along with other SES units, searched the Thornlie area for an elderly lady. The following night Gosnells teams were again called to help search for a middle aged man. After working the week, the volunteers were searching until 1am Saturday morning.

Recently, the Gosnells SES has been fortunate to have had a number of members from the community join the unit. A Storm and Water Damage Course was run last week-end for these volunteers who committed their entire weekend, so that they can respond day or night to requests from the community when wind and rain storms damage their homes.

“All home owners are reminded that now is the time to prepare their homes for the storm season”, said Gosnells SES Local Manager Paul Hollamby.

“You should check your gutters and roof for damage, clear gutters and downpipes so they won’t overflow in heavy rain, and trim any branches or trees near homes.”

It is worth remembering that volunteers would not be able to make this commitment without the support of their families and employers.

In the last month we have also run a course for Operations volunteers within the metropolitan area, as well as assisted other units with map reading, search and first aid courses.

Training with the SES is open to men and women, of all ages over 18. Contact the Gosnells SES on 9459 8015 to find out more about becoming a volunteer.


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