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09/07/2011 – Volunteering WA Survey

Volunteering WA is inviting you to undertake a survey into the state of volunteering in WA in 2011.

In 2011 the world celebrates the International Year of Volunteers + 10. In recognition of this Volunteering WA is undertaking the State of Volunteering in WA in 2011 Report. This research aims to investigate what volunteering looks like in WA in 2011, for volunteers, volunteer-involving organisations and the wider community. The report will capture issues and challenges and note the features that are changing and evolving in Western Australia’s volunteering environment. The report is unique in that it attempts to capture data on both the formal and informal volunteering habits of Western Australians.


The Volunteers & Non-volunteers survey is for all members of the general public to complete, including current volunteers, non-volunteers and those who provide informal unpaid assistance directly to others in the community by going to  thw Volunteering wa website
Take the Volunteers and Non-volunteers survey   
The volunteering-involving organisations survey is for completion by paid employees and volunteers associated with a volunteer-involving organisation. Click on the survey link below to begin.
Take the Volunteer-involving organisations survey   

By participating in the survey you have the opportunity to win one of two prizes. Please note that you will need to provide your contact details at the end of the survey if you wish to be entered into the prize draw. These details will remain confidential and will not be related in any way to the survey you complete.
Hard copies of the survey can be obtained upon request. For a hard copy of the survey or for more information please contact Denise at Volunteering WA on 9482 4317 or  

The survey closing date is mid-August 2011.   
The State of Volunteering in WA in 2011 Report will be available on the Volunteering WA website in December 2011


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