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03/07/2011 – Kalbarri SES report for July 2011

Mac Holt reports that Kalbarri SES have had just a couple of small local operations this month.  However, with training both at the unit and rope rescue off hawks head in our picturesque gorges, community support activities at the two day Kalbarri Canoe & Cray Carnival and playing host to Mia Davies MLC, National Party Member for the Agricultural Region, we have been busy yet again in Kalbarri.  Mia Davies joined the unit for the day, was fitted out with a uniform and rescue gear then abseiled off our Royalties For Regions part sponsored Rope Rescue Training Tower.  And we inducted three new members into the unit.

See the full report: Kalbarri-SES-Report-July-2011.pdf

Cheyne Fletcher under the very watchful eye of Steve Duncan Cliff Rescue Team Leader


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