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28/06/2011 SES Volunteers Ready for Storm

SES Volunteers from the metropolitan area and the south west are prepared for the storm expected to impact on Tuesday morning. SES District mangers briefed SES units last night on what they could expect from this storm front.  From first light this morning SES repair teams were ready to respond to any situations.

Residents of Perth and the South-West have been warned to batten down as a storm front packing destructive winds of up to 130km/h crosses the coast.
At 6am the leading edge of the front crossed the southwest corner of the state between Bunbury and Walpole, with wind gusts of 130km/hr reported at Cape Naturaliste and 109 km/hr at Cape Leeuwin.  The bureau warned that as the front continued to move eastwards, possible dangerous gusts of more than 125km/h could cause significant damage or destruction to homes and property in localised areas.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain may cause flash flooding in some areas.  Higher than normal tides could also cause flooding of low-lying coastal areas between Jurien Bay and Cape Leeuwin, particularly in Geographe Bay.  Dangerous surf conditions could cause beach erosion. The leading edge of the cold front is expected to reach the metropolitan area about sunrise, with the strongest winds likely to be experienced in coastal suburbs and towns.  Conditions are expected to ease during the afternoon as the front moves further to the east and weakens.

Residents are encouraged to trim branches around their homes to prevent them falling onto their roof or cars.  People should also clear gutters and downpipes so they don’t over flow after heavy rain.

For SES assistance throughout the day phone 132 500

 “Dangerous weather’
SES has warned residents to prepare for “dangerous weather” for WA south west of a line from Jurien Bay, 250km north of Perth,  to Albany.  The severe front is expected to reach the metro area by mid-morning with squalls at their worst from 9am to 11am.
“If you live between Jurien Bay and Albany you need to prepare your home and family now for the dangerous weather including damaging winds with locally destructive gusts, abnormally high tides and flash flooding,” SES warned. This includes people in Jurien Bay, Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Bridgetown and Albany and surrounding areas.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the cold front will bring dangerous gusts up to 125km/h, higher than normal tides that may cause flooding in low-lying coastal areas, dangerous surf conditions that may cause beach erosion, and heavy rain that may cause flash flooding.
“Damaging winds could result in significant damage and destruction to homes and property in localised areas,” the warning said.   “This type of weather event occurs three or four times a year and could cause major damage to homes and make travel dangerous.

Coastal Gale Warnings
A gale warning is in place from Kalbarri north of Perth to Israelite Bay in the far south-east of the state, with winds up to 125km/h tipped.  From Kalbarri to Jurien Bay winds reaching 25/35 knots are expected this morning with squalls to 50 knots in showers and thunderstorms with seas rising to 2m-3m and a swell of 2m rising to 3.5m.

From Jurien Bay to Walpole the Bureau is warning of winds strengthening to 30/40 knots with squalls to 55 knots, showers and thunderstorms.  Higher than normal tides and dangerous surf conditions expected north of Cape Leeuwin with seas rising to 3.5m and swell reaching 4m to 5m.  Similar conditions are expected from Walpole to Israelite Bay.

Driving warning
“If it is raining heavily and you cannot see, pull over and park with your hazard lights on until the rain clears,” SES said.   “Take care in areas that have been flooded and do not drive into water of unknown depth and current.”
The cold front is expected to dump between 20mm-30mm on the southern half of the state, including Perth, but is unlikely to produce the volume of rainfall which was dumped across the metropolitan area on Friday night.
To keep up to date with the latest information before, during and after a storm, go to


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