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31/05/2011 – News from Kalbarri SES updated

Mac Holt reports Kalbarri SES had it’s old troopy ‘retired’ and replaced with a new V8 vehicle, with plenty of grunt.  The ‘old girl’ required a high level of 4WD driving skills as she was having difficulty pulling our fully laden rescue trailer, with a full team in the back, when having to go anywhere off the bitumen.   With winter storms imminent this month’s training concentrated on roof safety, industrial rescue scenarios and familiarisation with the new vehicle, on-board radios and GPS navigators. This was all aimed at re-enforcing previous training and operational call out experiences, so as to maintain skill levels and be ready for that next call out, which will inevitably happen.

See the full report  Kalbarri-SES-report-June-2011.pdf



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