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18/05/2011- Helmet Evaluation updated

Please note: An evaluation of the SES general rescue Helmet is being conducted seperately to the fire services helmet evaluation as detailed below.

Fire Service and road rescue helmet

As part of the ongoing Tender process, FESA is evaluating current structural and bushfire fire fighting helmets. This step was undertaken to ensure ongoing technical improvements in helmet design and safety features are reflected in fire fighter personal protective clothing.
As a consequence, a number of helmets, all meeting current Australian Standards for fire fighting helmets, have been submitted by suppliers for evaluation. To ensure that the suitable helmets are selected for service within FESA it is intended to conduct a series of operational activities in controlled conditions across a range of scenarios and seek feedback from the wearers as to the helmets’ suitability. It is anticipated that the evaluation time frame will be approximately 1-2 days.
The helmet evaluations will be conducted in May on Saturday 28th for volunteers and Sunday 29th for career fire fighters. All evaluations will be coordinated by Coordinator Operations Resource Review and Development (ORRD). To enable appropriate feedback the evaluations will need the assistance of the following personnel:

  • Eight (8) Career Fire & Rescue fire fighters;
  • Three (3) Bushfire Brigade Volunteers;
  • Three (3) Volunteer Fire & Rescue fire fighters;
  • One (1) Volunteer from an Emergency Service Unit;
  • or One (1) Volunteer from a Fire Service Brigade;
  • One (1) Volunteer (with road crash rescue competencies) from an SES unit with a road crash rescue role.

This is a great opportunity for suitably qualified personnel to make a contribution into the selection process for helmets that they and their colleagues will be wearing in the future. If you are interested in being involved in this process please leave your contact details with Bill Rose Coordinator ORRD by close of business Tuesday 24th May 2011.

For more information regarding this matter please contact ORRD, Bill Rose 93239599.



Operational Circular 41-2011 – Firefighter Helmet Evaluation Assistance.pdf


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