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09/05/2011 – Gosnells SES Prepares for Winter Storms

Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming winter storm season.  Most storm damage to homes occurs from loose and broken roof materials, fallen trees and branches and flooding from blocked gutters and downpipes. 
Gosnells State Emergency Service (SES) Local Manager, Paul Hollamby said Some damage can be prevented if people take the time to prepare their homes beforehand.  Storms may bring heavy rain, damaging winds, lightning, hail, floods and tornados to the southern half of Western Australia between May and October each year.  Every year, the State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers are called out during winter, while most people are home dry and warm.

Perth and the surrounding areas have experienced many Wind Storms recently. It started on Boxing Day last year, which ran for a number of days, wind storm in Northam at the end of January, and more recently a wind storm affecting eastern hill suburbs at the end of February.  These storms were devastating for some while others have been unaffected.  Five volunteers also went to Queensland in February to assist with the recovery of the flooding and cyclone.

It is important for people who did sustain damage to their homes earlier this year to organise permanent repairs as soon as possible to prevent more damage occurring, said Paul.  With the support of Bunnings, the Gosnells State Emergency Service held a display at the Maddington store. The volunteers provided assistance and ideas to the local community, and answering questions and concerns to prepare homes for this years’ Winter Storm Season.

To find more information about what to do before, during and after a Storm, visit the FESA website at

Training with the SES is open to men and women, of all ages over 18. Contact the Gosnells SES on 9459 8015 to find out more about becoming a volunteer.



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