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08/04/2011 – CSU & ROSS Service Awards

It’s been a busy week for presentations in the SES.  On Wednesday night the 6th of April service awards were presented to members of the Communications Support Unit (CSU) and the Regional Operations support Section (ROSS) at Belmont.  
The recipients were:

Communications Support Unit

  • Darryl Beer – National Medal
  • Lyn Bryant – 10 Year SES Medal

Darryl Beer  and Lyn Bryant



Regional Operations Support Section

  • Gaynor Gough – 5 Year SES Badge
  • Chris Kin-Maung – 5 Year SES Medal
  • Sharon Sims – 5 Year SES Badge
  • Michelle Christensen – 5 Year SES Badge
  • Deb Hutchinson – 25 Year SES Medal
  • Ross Hutchinson – 25 Year SES Medal

(L-R): Michelle Christensen, Sharon Sims, Gaynor Gough, Lyn Bryant, Deb Hutchinson, Darryl Beer, Ross Hutchinson and Chris Kin-Maung.

Thanks to Vanessa who took the photographs’ at the Medal Presentation.  


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