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01/04/2011 – Kalbarri SES report for April 2011

Mac Holt reports that Kalbarri SES again has been in the thick of operations in the last month.  For operations alone their  unit volunteers have clocked up 524 hours in the month of March.  The operations include:

  • Flood operations in the Murchison River catchment, again – the previous flood was last December.
  • Missing person search in thick bush north of Billabong which is 250km north of Kalbarri.
  • Deployment to Broome as part of the Incident Management Team for Fitzroy River Flooding.
  • Rescue of lady suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration from Kalbarri National Park Gorges.

Our planned training schedules have been ‘shot to ribbons’ over the last three months.  But the results for our volunteers prove that the best practical training and experience is achieved during operations.
Mac Holt
SES Kalbarri

To see the full report click on this link Kalbarri-SES-Report-April-2011.pdf



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