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22/02/2011 – SES Volunteers on standby to assist Towns

Specialist SES Volunteers from perth are on standby to be deployed to the North of WA to assist the community should tropical cyclone Carlos impact on populated areas and cause damage to life and property.  The Volunteers are prepared to be deployed by air to the affected areas to assist the community at as soon as they are required.  Ther main role for these volunteers will be to provide  support local SES Volunteers.

Other information

Communities in the North West are on red alert this morning (Wednesday)as re-formed Cyclone Carlos builds into a Category 2 cyclone.   For the most up-to-date information check the FESA website alerts

A red alert was issued at 3.10am for people in or near communities between Whim Creek and Mardie, including Whim Creek, Roebourne, Wickham, Point Samson, Karratha, Dampier and Mardie.  The FESA alert warned that there was a threat to lives and homes and that people needed to act immediately by getting ready to move to the strongest and safest part of their homes or their closest welfare centre.
The Department of Child Protection has opened a relocation centre at Pilbara TAFE, Karratha Campus on Dampier Road in Karratha.   A yellow alert is current for people in or near the communities of Pardoo and Whim Creek including Pardoo, Port Hedland, South Hedland, Whim Creek and surrounding communities.
A blue alert is current for people in or near the communities of Mardie and Coral Bay including Onslow, Pannawonica, Exmouth, Coral Bay and surrounding communities.  At 2am the Bureau of Meteorology advised that category two Tropical Cyclone Carlos was estimated to be 95km north-northwest of Port Hedland and 205km northeast of Karratha.  It was moving southwest at 22km/h.   TC Carlos is expected to gradually intensify during Tuesday as it approaches the Pilbara coast.   Gales with wind gusts to 100km/h are being experienced in coastal areas near Port Hedland, and will extend west to Karratha this morning and then towards Exmouth later in the day, and Coral Bay on Wednesday.
There is the risk of destructive winds with gusts exceeding 125km/h near Whim Creek and Dampier this morning, extending further west toward Onslow during Tuesday afternoon, possibly reaching Exmouth by late Tuesday.  On Wednesday gales may extend south to Cape Cuvier, possibly reaching as far south as Carnarvon by Wednesday evening.

People in Pilbara coastal towns are warned that tides may rise significantly above the high water mark as the cyclone moves down the coast, even if it does not cross the coast. Damaging waves and flooding of low lying coastal areas are possible particularly on Tuesday’s high tide in the Karratha region.

Heavy rain is expected to cause significant stream rises with possible localised flooding for Pilbara coastal streams during Tuesday.

Most of the rainfall is to the west of the cyclone, so rainfall is expected to ease soon after the cyclone passes.


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