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02/11/2011 – Update Northam and York

The repair operation in York is continuing today (Wednesday) with SES Volunteers from Units in WA continuing to repair damage to properties following the serve storm last weekend.  The SESVA does not have operational details of actual numbers of damage incidents and which SES Units and numbers of Volunteers have been involved in the York and Northam Operations.

What we can say is that SES Volunteers have given their time; some have taken time off work to assist the residents in these Towns in their time of need.
The SES Volunteers deserve the thanks from all the residents of the effected Towns as do the families of the volunteers who support them in this essential work.

As someone said to me after the March 2010 storm in relation to the SES Volunteers who assisted them with their damaged house “We called, you came and until we need you again thanks”  


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