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13/01/2011 – Important Information from the SES

The Queensland Flood Disaster currently unfolding before us is unparalleled both in its magnitude and its effect on fellow Australians. The commitment to assist is compounded in our Organisation as we are trained and equipped to help.   Multiple enquires have been received by Metro SES staff in relation to whether the State Emergency Service Volunteers of Western Australia are assisting in the Queensland Flood Situation. The intention of this communication is to inform you of the current situation.   At 0900hrs Thursday morning FESA’s weekly State Preparedness Teleconference was conducted. This State-wide teleconference provides FESA with the ability to assess the natural hazard threats and preparedness of the regions. An assessment was also provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.

At a State level SES is currently monitoring:

  • Tropical Cyclone Vince off the Pilbara Coast.
  • A Tropical Low that may develop into a tropical cyclone that may affect the Gascoyne Region. As you are aware the Gascoyne Region including Carnarvon has already been affected by flooding and this could be compounded by torrential rain as a result of this tropical low.
  • Flood warnings have only recently been lifted in Kimberley Region (Fitzroy River Catchment) however FESA is still monitoring water levels and assisting communities as required.

Please be mindful that any request received for assistance would have to be reviewed against the threat from Natural Hazards that we may be dealing with at the time. FESA has an obligation to maintain a high level of awareness and preparedness to respond to communities in Western Australia.  We would like to advise all of you that to date no specific request for State Emergency Service teams or resources has been received by FESA from Queensland. We can confirm that the communication lines are open between Emergency Management Queensland and FESA and to date the only request received by FESA for resources are for four (4) Category 2 USAR Operators to assist in damage assessments.

I would like to assure you all that Metropolitan SES Staff are ready to process any request for assistance utilising the Intrastate Deployments list that we have here at RHQ.  We are certainly thankful for your enthusiasm and commitment to assisting. Disasters such as we are currently seeing unfold before as are a stark reminder of the role that we play in the community.

Can we request that all of your members be informed through your Units communications networks of the current situation, and request that any further queries are sent directly to your District Managers.

Thank you.

Glenn Hall |SES District Manager | Metro South |
Mark Geary | Acting / SES District Manager | Metro North |                
Steve Summerton |SES District Manager | Metro Training |


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