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04/01/2010 – Few hints on recruitment

Why Recruit New People?

  • To more evenly distribute the workload amongst members
  • To keep the SES alive and diverse
  • For new ideas
  • To ensure the community is protected


Volunteers responsible for recruiting as well as all potential volunteers should have a clear understanding of what the responsibility involves.  It would be helpful to think about what volunteering in your unit involves.
Give potential volunteers:

  • A learning experience
  • Person to person activities
  • Responsible activities
  • Respect for the time they commit
  • A record of attendance
  • Basic knowledge of the organisation
  • Adequate induction and training
  • Preparation for the conditions and attitudes of those the volunteer will come in contact with
  • The opportunity to grow with the program

Helpful Hints to Recruit New Volunteers

  • FESA has sponsored a book “Count Me In!  501 Ideas on Recruiting Volunteers” by Dr Judy Esmond.   It provides practical and effective ideas on attracting the right volunteers for the job.
  • Obtain a copy of the Volunteer Recruitment Ideas document from the Volunteer & Youth Services Branch at FESA House.
  • Consider promoting your successes through the media.  Ask your local radio station/newspaper to introduce your new members.
  • Consider ways to tap into diverse groups in the community and generational mixes.
  • Devote a training night/meeting to recruitment,  Or form a Recruitment Committee.  Pool ideas.  Include the topic of Volunteer Retention.
  • Create a volunteer job description.  What is the role of a volunteer in your unit ?  What qualifications are needed?
  • Have new members complete a table of information about themselves that lists what special interests and talents they have; areas they would like to learn more about even if they don’t have the skills; and anything they don’t like to do.
  • Contact the Volunteer & Youth Services Branch for ideas on making your recruitment attractive.
  • At the potential volunteers first meeting, have an information pack prepared for them to take home.
  • The best volunteer recruiters are those who are happy with the organisation.

Distribute a flyer on your Unit to places such as:

  • Job seeker offices
  • Libraries
  • Post offices
  • Tourist information office
  • Local supermarkets
  • School counsellors
  • Community Centres
  • Hospital waiting rooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Sporting/interest clubs i.e. boat club


Once you have gained a new volunteer you will want to retain them. Ideas on retention include:

  • Additional training
  • Reward and recognition. Saying “thanks” goes a long way
  • Keep them involved – assign meaningful tasks
  • Innovative programs
  • Be interested in your members, no only as volunteers but as individuals
  • Create opportunities that would not be available to individuals outside your service
  • Allow individuals to grow into their role
  • Listen to recommendations

A satisfied volunteer will:

  • Do a good job for the organisation
  • Have only good things to say about your organisation
  • Give your organisation a good reputation
  • Recruit volunteers by word and example
  • Be committed and enthusiastic


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