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21/12/2010 – Jim Ridgwell (Gosnells SES) is 60 on Tuesday 21 December 2010.

His wife, Denise, decided that a being a pilot in a of a B777 simulator was for Jim. He was suspicous when we arrived at Jandicott for lunch at Royal Aero Club Cafe. Not sure what he was in for, Jim only had a light lunch thinking that he was perhaps getting a helicopter ride or one on the tiger moth that might not agree with a full stomach.   Well, when he was confronted with the dash board of the B777, his mind was in a spin. For the next hour and half, he learnt to fly, using Hong Kong airport to practice on (I figured that was the hardest). Anyway he took off, did some laps of HK and successfully did a touch and go without crashing.   Then we went on a full flight, London to Paris whilst us passengers drank coffee in first class lounge watching Jim working away so that we didn’t crash. Even the passengers get a simulated view out of the windows.
He  was exhausted at the succesful arrival at Paris.

The pictures:

Jim in the cockpit

Us in first class lounge  ( Denise, Susan & Phillip)

Monitor on lounge wall to monitor pilots progress (Richard the co-pilot, a real pilot helped Jim fly)

View out of passenger window over HK

Jim receiving his simulator pilot’s licence
Happy birthday Jim for Tuesday.
Phillip Petersen


777 Experience The simulator is as used for real pilot training for B777. It beeps and talks to you as does the real thing. You can choose a whole range of fight course simulations a degree of difficulty.


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