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17/12/2010 – News from the SES Search Dog Section

Area Search Assessment at Gnangara.  7.30am. Sunday 5th December saw two, somewhat nervous area search dog handlers arrive at Gnangara ready to be assessed as to their suitability to be on the FESA/SES call out list. They were required to pass two of three large area searches to gain the title of Initial Area Search Dog.  Also assembled were four volunteers from the SES units who would hide in the areas and wait to be found. A big thank you goes to Shelley, Stewart, Anne and Katie. Plus a hand full of handlers supporting them.

Assessing on behalf of the Police (for whom we work) Sergeant Justin Watts of the Dog Squad. Representing FESA/SES was Stephen Summerton who also is a dab hand at supplying refreshments.  The areas to be search were adjacent and could both be viewed from high ground facilitating both handlers working at the same time then changing over.  Wind conditions improved for the second search that produced some good strikes.
Both Handlers Leonie with Jemma and Peter with Daisy performed well (almost “Gooderer”) and as both were successful on their first two search areas they were not required to search a third. They are now graded Areas Search Dog Handlers. Congratulations.





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