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11/12/2010 How to make an SES Dilly Bag

This project is designed to recycle portions of old coveralls and provide a useful outcome.

  • an old pair of SES coveralls; (especially the ones with draw strings on the bottom of legs)
  • no ability to sew;
  • a office stapler;
  • a wish to recycle;
  • an ability to repel knockers to the idea. (Ignore those freaky X, Z & Y generation people who have compulsion to throw things away because they don’t appreciate that during the depression years we had to struggle).

Follow this simple process:


Photo 1: Cut off leg of overalls to required length (so have in mind what you intend to store inside);

Photo 2: invert and staple end if you a non sewer. If you can sew, then you can do that as well;

Photo 3: Restore your new dilly bag, look proudly at it. Then store those loose bits.

Feedback of this project:
Hey, Phil, its a great idea!                       or                What a stupid idea!

Phillip Petersen
Gosnells SES


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