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17/11/2010 – WOW Day In Karratha

Trevor Paton Local Manager at Karratha reports that on Wednesday the 10th of November the local ABC Radio announcer Andrew Collins did a live broadcast from the Karratha SES Unit HQ for the morning program, this promoted the SES within the Shire of Roebourne.  The main theme for the broadcast was to promote the SES to the youth within the unit currently and hopefully get some new members to join the Karratha SES.

Colin Elliott (LM 2IC) arrange the event which went of very well as we have since had three members from the public show interest in joining which is great to see that it has generated some additional interest with in the communities within the Shire of Roebourne.  Those members of the unit that were interviewed were;

Michele Mitchell, Aminta Gardner, Carol Hughes, Damien Muller, Colin Elliott,  Nathan Herholdt & Trevor Patton.




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