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30/10/10 – News from Kalbarri SES

Mac Holt reports there has been a very busy and exciting times at Kalbarri SES including the following activities.

Kalbarri hosted a 3 day Rope Rescue Systems (Cliff Rescue) course on 23/24/25 October with instructors from Geraldton, Albany and Kalbarri with trainees from Kalbarri, Albany and Useless loop. The majority from Kalbarri due to it’s high growth and training schedules over the last 12 months – For Kalbarri unit this was the years 12th full course out of 13 full on regional training courses in addition to the regular unit training nights. With 30 members and this level of activity over 400 hours have been logged some months by the Kalbarri SES unit.

Attendees were Darren Pepworth (USE),Sheryn Prior, Gary Logan, Matt Redshaw, Ken Pascho (ALB), Rae Edwards, Steve Cable, Steve Duncan, John Brandenburg, Ron Brown, Dan Neal, Ilona Bickford, Brandon Bickford, Noel Visser, Wade Smith, Kylie Williams, Chris Litherland and Jesse Oliver (Kalbarri)

The weekend of 9/10 October was the senior first aid course hosted by Kalbarri with Instructors from Geraldton, Kalbarri and Perth and trainees from Kalbarri, Shark Bay and Geraldton.


Attendees were Mark Jones (GER), Joe McLaughlin, Judy Britza (SBY), Steve Duncan, Ilona Bickford, Mark Broome, Cindy Burnell, Ben Falconer-Brown, Keith McRae and Noel Visser (Kalbarri). 


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