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29/09/2010 – Australian Navy Rescued Fisherman

The Australian navy has rescued an Indonesian fisherman who was adrift at sea for three days.  The 42-year old fisherman was plucked from the water mid-afternoon yesterday by HMAS Success, travelling in company with HMAS Arunta, during a transit of the Indonesian archipelago.  Defence said the man had been lost at sea for three days and was now receiving medical assistance aboard Success.  The fisherman’s condition was described as stable.

However, a comprehensive air-and-sea search by Success and Arunta failed to locate the three other members of the fisherman’s crew.  Based on information from the rescued fisherman and from the Indonesia’s Rescue Co-ordination Centre, the search was called off at last light yesterday.  Arrangements are now being made for the transfer of the rescued fisherman to Indonesian authorities.


HMAS Success at sea


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