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06/08/2010 – Eddie takes a holiday.

10 August: Eddie reports that he has now travelled via HongKong to Vancouver after a long tiring flight (Well he doesn’t have very strong arms for flying ?? Sorry!!). Left a wet Vancouver to travel on the Rocky Mountaineer ( to a town called Kamloops for a overnight stay. Heading for Bamff tomorrow. Eddie, John & Nita are all impressed by scenery and food.

6 August: Eddie “the SES Volunteer” has decided to go on holidays.  He has bought his tickets and booked his hotel accommodation, packed his bags and he is ready to go. It’s been a very busy year for SES Volunteers in WA.  Record breaking storms, fire support, searches and more searches, cliff rescues, vehicle rescues and lots of training.   Eddie was undecided where to go at first, he went to the travel shows, looked at countless travel brochures.  Many questions came to mind, long or short holiday, near or far, a cheapie or splash out on something a little more extravagant.   Well Eddie finally decided to go the Canada and Alaska, ride the Rocky Mountaineer train and sail the inside passage in Alaska.   Eddie didn’t want to take this trip alone so Nita and John are going with him to share his experiences.  Along the way Eddie will try to send back updates on his travels and what he is up to.

Note: Well while the editor, John Capes, is away travelling with Eddie, SES volunteers are asked to forward any news articles to Phillip Petersen:

To John , Nita and Eddie, “have a great holiday to North America.”


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