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04/08/2010 – SES staff to move from Belmont to FESA House

SES staff to move from Belmont to FESA House.  After some 30+ years, career SES staff presence is planned to cease at 91 Leake St, Belmont according to future plans by FESA.

Whilst it was anticipated that FESA SES staff would move when the new FESA HQs is built in Cockburn Central (now under construction), this early move has been initiated due to space now available at FESA House Hay Street. Space has been made available since the move of Career Fire & Rescue personal to new Wellington St Fire Station according to Acting COO Gary Gifford.

Based on concerns of SES volunteers, the President of SESVA, David Price, raised this with Acting COO Gary Gifford at a meeting on Monday 2/8/2010. Mr Gifford stated that the FESA SES staff are moving. Volunteers concerns would be analysed and action taken to ensure that service delivery to volunteers and responsibilities to the state were not at risk. Although unaware of its existence till our meeting, Mr Gifford said he would also review a FESA conducted risk analysis that was prepared a few years ago. This had considered the risks of FESA SES staff moving to new FESA HQs when built in Cockburn Central.
Some of the concerns expressed were:

  • Reduced access to FESA SES staff;
  • Parking in the city;
  • Operational response;
  • What was to happen to SES volunteer groups that provide support to FESA SES during operations?
  • Loss of training facility at Belmont;
  • Logistics and stores
  • Mail

The space vacated  by FESA SES staff at Belmont would be taken up by fire staff located in other metro locations, such as Midland. The WW11 bunker will still remain as a backup operations centre.

The bunker is now listed with National Trust.

Phillip Petersen ESM  4/8/2010


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