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26/07/2010 – News from Esperence SES

SESVA Committee member Phillip Petersen recently visted Esperance SES while on holiday and has sent the following report.


The Esperance SES and VMRS are a dual role emergncy service unit.  At their meeting last Tuesday night, 20 July 2010, excitement was was high as the unit planned for a new NAIAD rescue boat. The Esperance VMRS are regulaly in the media for high seas rescues. Very brave I say, I only like a boat on a smooth sunny day.  The unit does get storm damage mitigation, but a common callout is recovering tourists who get bogged on the beaches. The unit speaks highly of the use of sand mats for recovery, using these as first option before using a snatch strap, if tyre deflating hasn’t worked.


The unit had recently taken possession of a 6WD All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). This was an initiative of the Esperance Local Emergency Management Committee. The vehicle has already proved it worth when transporting a spinal injured patient from the waterline at 11 Mile Beach.  Also of great importance, the new co-location building for Esperance SES & VMRS and the Esperance Fire & Rescue is well underway. The Esperance Fire & Rescue just celebrated 40 years in the current home.


Thanks to Russel, Graham and the other volunteers for inviting me to attend their meeting. A special thanks for Russel taking me for drive along Esperances great beaches. Even saw a Southern Right Whale, waving its tail at us.


More about NAID boats:







Photo 1: New co-location building for Esperance SES & VMRS and Fire & Rescue
Photo 2: Graham  with 6WD ATV
Photo 3: Esperance SES and VMRS volunteers gathered around the heater.

Phillip Petersen         25 July 2010