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14/05/2010 – Hedland SES presents the "Orange Ball" update

Toni Talbot from Hedland SES reports that we only started doing the ball as a fund raiser last year with great success.  We managed to raise enough funds to buy a bus for our unit to allow us to comfortably transport our volunteers between towns in time of need.  Most of the time when assistance is required, the other units have the equipment but not the man power to carry out the work required, by purchasing a bus, we can now transport the much needed manpower to the towns when needed and as the bus is fitted with seatbelts out crew with be well rested and ready to go to work when we get there.

This years’ ball will be to raise enough funds to extend our training offices so that we have a dedicated training room and not have to keep moving our operations room around to adapt to all the different uses we have for it.  We have a very dedicated Ball Committee that has worked tirelessly to get this event up and running and they do a very professional and fantastic job!!

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