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11/05/2010 – More Karijini National Park Rescues

A 51-year-old woman who fell in a gorge in Karijini National Park has been rescued by SES volunteers.  A St John Ambulance spokesman said the woman was injured while exploring Hancock Gorge, 80km north-east of Tom Price, about 4pm. She was rescued about 9pm.  East Pilbara SES District Manager Jim Cahill said a team of nine rescuers took part in the operation.

“It’s very narrow and whatever water collects, collects along there so perhaps she was unlucky enough to fall in that particular area,” he said.  “We had to use what is called a Larkin Frame which holds the ropes that allows a stretcher and an escort to be lowered into the gorge.  “After getting to the injured woman, she was pulled to the surface, assessed and taken to hospital.”  Mr Cahill told ABC Radio this morning that warning signs at Karijini would be improved.

“The signage is probably pretty good but you just have people who ignore it,” he said. “The Department of Environment and Conservation are planning to revamp their signs and have pictures as well as words so people can understand very clearly the dangers involved.  “People should be aware of their own abilities and pay careful attention not to go further than they can.  “A normal rescue can take up to seven hours to complete. So people should be aware that if they get injured it could take seven hours before they could get to a hospital.”  The rescue was the second at the National Park in the last 48 hours. A 23-year-old French tourist was rescued from Red Gorge at the weekend.  There have been seven rescues at National Park since the start of the year.

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