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04/04/2010 – “Unsung Heroes”

“Unsung Heroes”

And now it’s all over, the storm of the century has come and gone and I am sure memories will linger.  SES Volunteers have spent countless hours repairing buildings, commercial properties and more important our homes.  They came from across the state and from interstate and done a magnificent job.  So who are these people in orange who give up their time to assist us when our lives as disrupted and when our homes are damaged and we need help?

Well they are just normal people like the rest of us, they are not super heroes, they give up their time to train and prepare and when we need help they are just a phone call away.

The community of WA owe a great vote of thanks to the people in orange as you are our “unsung Heroes”.  To our orange friends from the eastern states, thanks for coming over to WA to assist us in our hour of need.  Well done SES volunteers our unsung heroes, you have done us proud and we salute you and until we need you again thanks.



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