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24/03/2010 – SES continue to work hard to help Perth storm victims

More than 120 State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers from around Western Australia were continuing to work this morning to help Perth metropolitan communities in the aftermath of Monday’s devastating storm.

At last count the SES had received more than 2,700 calls for help across the metropolitan area since the storm struck.

The majority of calls for assistance have involved flooding, hail damage to roofs and fallen trees on homes cars, fences and roads.

In the Perth metropolitan northern region at least 2000 calls for assistance were received. In the Perth metropolitan south region there have been more than 700 requests for help.

 400 jobs have been  completed leaving 600 yet to be attended as crews work hard to clear the backlog of calls.

People are being urged to do what they can to help themselves before calling the SES for assistance.

FESA Operations Area Manager Russell Hayes said given the volume of calls the SES should be reserved for high priority situations.

“If their situation is less urgent people should enlist the help of family, friends and neighbours to clean up and refer their need for temporary repairs to their insurance company,” Mr Hayes said.

“For example if you simply have fallen trees in your yard and there is no other danger then SES won’t need to come and they can get on with helping others.

 “Jobs are being prioritised with high priority tasks given attention first. People with less urgent tasks may need to call local contractors or maintenance repairers.”

SES crews have been supported by Bush Fire Service volunteers. Overnight career Fire and Rescue Service firefighters assisted in the recovery operations.


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