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22/03/2010 – Perth Storm Latest news 7:05 PM

SES inundated with calls for assistance

Monday 22 March 2010 – 7:05 PM

State Emergency Service (SES) has been inundated with calls to its 132500 number following this afternoon’s severe thunderstorm across the metropolitan area.

It has been confirmed that some Perth hospitals and aged care facilities have sustained major structural damage and these cases are being given priority by SES and Fire and Rescue Service crews.  The Bureau of Meteorology advises that further severe thunderstorms are expected to cross the Perth metropolitan area from north to south during this evening. The storms are likely to ease later tonight, but people need to remain vigilant especially over the next few hours. People who have called for SES assistance are urged to remain patient due to the large number of calls.

Calls are placed in a queue and answered as soon as possible but the most urgent jobs, such as major structural damage, will be attended to first.   The SES are urging people to only call 132 500 if the storm has caused damage to their home that they can’t fix themselves.  People should to do what they can to limit damage around their homes and business premises if it is safe to do so.