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SESVA visit to Belmont SES Unit

Q: How long does it take to build a replacement SES Unit HQs for Belmont SES Unit?

A: Don’t know, its been 3 years so far and still no answer in sight.

The Belmont SES Unit services the areas of City of Belmont and Town of Victoria Park. Some years ago the City of Belmont sold the land on which the Belmont SES HQs was located.

Today the SES volunteers at Belmont SES unit are frustrated with with lack of progress from both FESA and City of Belmont for a replacement permanet HQs. The volunteers feel its a litany of broken promises, poor project management and shallow pockets.

Another year of leasing a tempory premises will see the unit into the future. Premises that is a factory unit, that has had to be fitted out at unit’s expense and skills to operate from.

Photo: Amid the frustrations and loss of membership, the remaining volunteers at Belmont can still smile.

Phillip Petersen   8 March 2010


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