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23/02/2010 – SESVA visit Kalamunda SES Unit

SES VA committee person, Phillip Petersen, visited the Kalamunda SES Unit last night, Monday 22 February 2010.

There were 40+ of their 60 registered volunteers in attendance. Kalamunda have been successfully recruiting new volunteers by using roadside signs, “Recruiting Now”, on main roads in their district. This simple idea has had some of the best recruiting results ever experienced by the unit.

Phillip reminded the volunteers about the SESVA and EMA photographic competitions.

The unit is planning on participating in two ANZAC Day activities, an opportunity for volunteers to wear their new dress uniform in public.

The unit is equipped with three Toyota Personal Carrier vehicles, each towing an equipped response trailer. They are able to use a local government owned Toyota Coaster Bus for additional transport. There are plans for an emergency power plant for the unit HQs to be fitted in near future.