SESVA History Project

Guidelines to creating an SES unit History


This is a guide to assist those wishing to create a history of their unit. Each individual will add their flair and style to the information they present, so, no two histories will be exactly the same.  This  is only a suggestion you may want to present the history in, written, video, oral or picture format or a combination of all these. As the local unit historian the choice is yours.
Basic information such as the sponsoring council / shire, any shire minutes regarding the forming of the unit, budgets, buildings, and activities may provide background and supporting information to the history.

  • Create a list of Local Managers from the time the unit started.       
  • Create a list of Deputy Local Managers from the time the unit started.        
  • Having pictures and a personal history of these persons would be an advantage.
  • Create a list of Characters or well-known members from the time the unit started  (Not all significant members take senior positions).         
  • Create a list of locations (LEHQ’s) where unit have met or trained Pictures if avaviable
  • Major unit events / achievements
  • Local, State and National awards, given to members
  • List any interesting Historical SES items

Having gathered the above information, as a base, the unit historian can begin to piece together a story giving the unit history in a chronological order. Interviewing older and past members may assist in getting further stories to fill gaps between dates.

Ways to get more history for your unit

  • Hold a reunion for present and past members;
  • Hold a story telling night around a campfire with a few cans of amber;
  • Hold a quiz night based on the unit history;
  • Hold an internal photograph competition to get copies of private photographs of the SES unit;
  • Get your local paper research it’s SES stories and pictures;
  • Advertise for any SES stories in local newspapers from locals;
  • Hold a local Photographic display of SES activities and ask for more photos and stories.

We will give you the credit for compiling your history and information so above all please give credit verbally and in written acknowledgements to all those who assisted you.

We thank you for your time and interest in the SES History. Should your unit wish to donate any articles or equipment to the museum, could you please complete a Deed of gift form attached.

Do not send the articles or equipment but send the form and a photo of the item to the association. We will make arrangements for the Project to accept the item at a convenient time. Please note we expect numerous duplicates of old equipment to be offered for donation, so, please do not feel disappointed if your item is not accepted.

 For further information and assistance please contact the Association -