08/03/2013 - Legislative Briefing Update

At the road show, held in Belmont (7 March), a number of matters were raised.  One such matter was in relation to employment protection for Volunteers during an emergency response or activation.  It was pointed out that there is coverage for this under the Emergency Management Act (2005) Part 9, Sections 91-94 inclusive, however DFES does not have ownership of this act.

It was also pointed out that the coverage under the above act is not sufficient in many instances and the new amalgamated legislation needs to include better employment coverage for Volunteers. The SESVA has now added an eight key statement to its suggestions for submissions on amalgamation of the legislation.
SES Volunteers to have employment protection in a manner that is far superior to that afforded them in the Emergency Management Act (2005) Part 9, Sections 91-94 inclusive.