04/03/2013 - Communication to SES Volunteers


The State Emergency Service Volunteers Association (SESVA) have received feedback and reveiwed their communication of information to the SES Volunteers.
To assist in more effective communication the following is now in effect;

  • The SESVA has a Facebook page and Website for the use of SES Volunteers
  • The SESVA webpage can be found at www.ses-wa.asn.au
  • Links to all news articles or information placed on the website is now being sent to the SESVA current list of email addresses, with an option to opt out

If you want to join the SESVA Facebook site (Volunteers) or receive links when the web page has new articles placed on it please email your details to sesva.secretary@gmail.com

Please note that no DFES staff are involved in the administration or management of the SESVA website, email addresses or facebook site.

The SESVA welcomes your feedback

Gordon Hall
SES Volunteers Association (inc.)
Mob:    0427 002 702 (or 9524 8889)
SESVA: mail@ses-wa.asn.au
Email:  sesva.secretary@gmail.com
Web:   www.ses-wa.asn.au