12/02/2013 - Sawyers Valley Search Update

Sawyers Valley Search update as at 6:00am 12/02/13

Here is the latest update re Sawyers Valley Search:

  • The search for Paul Pyke continued through the night and will continue this morning
  • This will be the third day of the search and rescue operation
  • State Emergency Service volunteers were stood down about 10:00pm last night so they could have a rest ready for another day of searching today
  • Police Officers continued with patrols of the search area overnight
  • Police Air Wing (helicopter) searched overnight using FLIR technology (heat sensing camera)
  • State Emergency Service volunteers will be back out at first light this morning
  • Mounted Section police officers will be searching along some creek bed areas
  • It is expected that Police Air Wing will again be involved with the search today, most likely in the form of one helicopter and a search plane
  • Its believed Mr Pyke did not have food or water with him and given the hot weather conditions we have concerns regarding his health and safety