05/09/2017 - Volunteer Scholarships

Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships Round Two

The DFES Academy recently provided advance notice to Command Personnel that Round Two of the AIDR/EMA Emergency Management Volunteer would open today, 4 September 2017.
Your assistance is promoting this opportunity to your members is appreciated. In addition to any promotions you are able to assist with we are also doing the following communications:

  • Emergency services volunteers with email addresses registered with DFES will receive a special notification today advising them of the application  process.
  • The Volunteer Portal has information regarding the application process.
  • For those volunteers who don't currently access the Volunteer Portal, local DFES managers are available to assist with face to face support.
  • Volunteers who are interested in applying, will be encouraged to meet with Dr Marc Bellette – Manager AIDR Events & Volunteer Programs at the upcoming WAFES Conference, at the AFAC stand.

Please note that applicants will require DFES endorsement of their application prior to submission.  Information is as follows:
Emergency Services Volunteers are encouraged to apply for the second round of the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) Scholarship Program.  The Scholarship provides reimbursement for the costs associated with studies in accredited units or course in emergency and disaster management, vocational training/education, and higher education.
The following provides detail on the scholarship program or applicants can visit the AIDR website: https://www.aidr.org.au/education/scholarships-for-volunteers/
The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is administering a $1 million Australian Government scholarship fund to boost education development opportunities for emergency management volunteers.
Volunteers in an emergency management agency can undertake studies in accredited units or courses in emergency and disaster management vocational training/education, and higher education.
This is an excellent opportunity for our volunteers to build on their knowledge and professionalism with the extra value of fortifying our capability.
Note this is not a series of courses; it is reimbursement for fees for each unit upon successful completion of study. In addition, AIDR may agree to pay reasonable accommodation and travel costs that are essential for study.  Any travel costs must be approved (by AIDR) in advance. The Australian Government has provided the funding on the condition that money is only reimbursed upon successful completion.

  • 4 September - round 2 applications opens
  • 29 September - final day for volunteers to submit their application to DFES for endorsement
  • 16 October - applications due to AIDR

Who can apply?
The scholarship is for reimbursement of education and training costs incurred by successful volunteer scholarship recipients.
The application process is on-line completed by the volunteer making the application. Each applicant must provide an application that is endorsed by the agency for which he/she volunteers.
The application process for volunteers is as follows:
1.    Select a course, check availability, study load, travel needs and costs. Hint: read the frequently asked questions.
2.    Register on the AIDR website, start an Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships Application and read the selection criteria.
3.    Talk with your DFES manager about applying for a Scholarship and how you plan to address the selection criteria. Hint: how will you and your community benefit from your study.
4.    Write a response for each selection criteria and use a grammar checker to ensure you present the best reading experience. Hint: use these free online tools (Grammarly, or ProWritingAid)
5.    Enter all details about you and your study proposal into your Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships Application.
6.    Download your Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships Application as a PDF. (The ‘Print’ button creates a PDF of your application).
7.    Download the Endorsement Request form available from the Volunteer Portal and complete the first section.
8.    Send both the Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships Application PDF and Endorsement Request PDF to your District Officer by close of business on Wednesday 29 September 2017.
9.    District Officers are to submit applications to Paul van der Mey at the Academy by close of business on Tuesday 3 October 2017.
10.    Professional Development will provide a letter confirming successful or unsuccessful endorsement by Monday 9 October 2017.
11.    If the application is endorsed, upload the letter to your Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships Application and submit by close of business on Monday 16 October 2017.
This process is similar to Round One, however, please note:

  • AIDR will use a common agency/organisation endorsement letter - a number of Round 1 applications from WA did not go through the required agency process and were not successful for this reason.
  • Funding arrangements/updates will be advertised on the AIDR website on the 4 September.
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander,  female and/or those people who reside and volunteer outside a capital city are particularly encouraged to apply in this round.

For queries about the scholarship or application process, contact: