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SESVA Raffle

Future Funding and National Raffle for the SES in WA
The SES Volunteers Association have on a number of occasions discussed future funding to assist the SES Volunteers and SES units.  The NSW SES Volunteers Association successfully conducts a raffle using the services of OneContact (formerly Contact Centres Australia). OneContact have contracts with Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service Association and other not for profits for fund raising.

The NSW SES Volunteers Association uses the funding for leadership and management development, provision of much needed equipment for SES Units, scholarships, sponsorship of SES events and a biennial conference.  John Capes, Phillip Petersen, Lin Booth and Gordon Hall have met with OneContact on a number of occasions and inspected their Call Centres.  Further to this they have met with their management team including their accountant and resident legal adviser.

The SESVA (WA) committee have voted to conduct raffles in WA.  Probity and financial checks have been completed and license applications are currently being processed by the WA Charities Commission.  All communication to community members will have value added by including safety messages. These would complement DFES campaigns for cyclone, storm etc.  OneContact’s main call centre and head office is located in Surry Hills (Sydney) and a satellite centre in the Wellington (NZ) CBD.

To comply with the WA Liquor and Gaming laws, three raffles a year will be conducted in WA.

The Future
The Volunteers Association (WA) committee will be quarantining all profits from the WA sales of the raffle, to be set up in a special fund for the betterment of the SES Units and SES Volunteers in WA.  Please direct all questions or enquiries to the President, Secretary or Treasurer.

Gordon M Hall                     
SES Volunteers Association