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Waroona Bushfire Special Inquiry

Waroona Bushfire Special Inquiry

On 6 January 2016 the communities of Yarloop and surrounding areas in the Shires of Harvey and Waroona were impacted by a devastating fire. Tragically two people lost their lives.  In addition, a Western Power employee lost his life while working to restore power.  The fire affected an area of 69,000 ha with a perimeter of 398km. 181 residential properties and businesses as well as a large number of farm buildings and sheds were destroyed.

Given the significant impact of the fire, the Premier directed the Public Sector Commissioner to hold a special inquiry pursuant to section 24H(2) and (3) of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 to examine the organisation and management of the bushfire.  The report of the special inquiry titled Reframing Rural Fire Management: Report of the Special Inquiry into the January 2016 Waroona Fire, was tabled in Parliament by the Premier on Thursday 23 June 2016.

The following documents provide information concerning the Waroona special inquiry conducted by Euan Ferguson former CFA Chief Officer.

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