1.    Complete the application form (located below)

2.    Return the completed application form to the address below or scanned and converted to PDF and emailed.  If emailed the original copy needs to be mailed to; 

John Capes
58 Ardleigh Crescent
Hamersley WA 6022

3.    Payment in the form of a cheque for $220.00 (as from the 01/07/2014) made out to SESVA, or EFT (BSB 806-015 account 01521587) with your name and SES plate number in the reference box. It would also assist me if you could email advising when the EFT was made and the transaction number.
4.    On receipt of the application form and payment, the SESVA will then process the application.

What happens next?

1.    The Department of Transport will fabricate the plates.
2.    The Department of Transport will write to the applicant to advice that the plates are ready for collection.
3.    The applicant or agent takes the letter of advice, and your existing plates to the Licensing Centre nominated on the application form to affect the plate exchange.
4.     If you plan to remove the old plates at the Licensing Centre, it may pay to free the fixing screws with the aid of CRC or WD 40 etc prior to leaving home.
5.    The typical turn-around time for the plates to become available is about 2 to 3 weeks after the SESVA has received and processed the completed application form.

Please note, once that SESVA has lodged your completed application form with the Department of Transport the SESVA has no further control over plate ownership or transfer requirements.


Postal:            58 Ardleigh Crescent Hamersley WA 6022
Telephone:      0407 429 554

John Capes OAM
Number Plate Project Manager

SES Plates Application form.pdf