Security Alert Laptops

One major Australian company reports that staff is losing 30 laptop computers per month.

Not only is the loss of a business computer inconvenient, it also means intellectual property is compromised.

Reasons given for laptops wandering

  • “I locked my laptop in a cabinet that has since been removed from the floor. Cabinet has been relocated, but laptop can not be found.”
  • “Laptop was left in the passenger back seat. While I was away, someone broke into my car.”
  • “While having coffee in a local café on way to work, an unknown person switched the backpack located at my feet.”
  • “I left my laptop on my desk at 5.45pm. When I got back to my desk, the laptop was gone.”
  • “Accidentally left laptop beside my vehicle in shopping centre car park. When I returned to the vehicle, laptop was gone.”
  • “Laptop was stolen from an unlocked drawer in office.”


How to keep yours secure

  • Use a locking cable to secure your laptop to your desk.
  • Store laptops in a lockable drawer or cabinet (and remember to lock it).
  • If you leave your laptop in a vehicle, make sure it is secured in the boot, or a laptop locker or cargo storage area, so that it is not visible from outside the vehicle.

Remain vigilant and ensure your laptop is always secure.