FESA Outsanding Achievement Award

FESA Outstanding
Achievement Medal

The FESA Outstanding Achievement Medal (FOAM) is the highest and most prestigious internal FESA award. The FOAM award recognises outstanding contributions by emergency service Volunteers, either over an extended period of time, or in relation to an isolated event, that have helped the organisation to achieve its vision of ‘A Safer Community’. The FOAM is awarded to FESA members who have performed over and above what would normally be expected of a person in a similar role/situation.

2008 Clive Abell (Posthumous) Bassendean SES and past SESVA President
2008 William (Bill) Mulroney ESM Pingelly SES and past Chair of the SES Consultative Committee
2008 James Regan (Posthumous) Newman SES
2004 Ronald Panting Albany SES