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ESM Emergency Service Medal


Emergency Service Medal

The Emergency Services Medal was introduced into the Australian system of honours in 1999. The medal may be awarded to a person who has given distinguished service as a member of an emergency service. The medal may be awarded regardless of whether the person is eligible for any other award because of the service. However, a person which is already a holder of the medal  is not eligible for another award of the medal. In the State Emergency Service (WA) a number of Volunteers have been awarded the Emergency Service Medal (ESM).

Stephen Frank Cable ESM Name Stephen Frank Cable
YEAR 2000
John Francis Coates ESM Name John Francis Coates
YEAR 2001
Peter Stanley Angel ESM Name Peter Stanley Angel
YEAR 2002
Darren Bruce Entwhistle ESM Name Darren Bruce Entwhistle
YEAR 2003
Christopher Widmer ESM Name Christopher Widmer
YEAR 2003
Robin James ESM Name Robin James
YEAR 2000
William Vincent Mulroney ESM Name William Vincent Mulroney
YEAR 2003
Herman Hoffman ESM Name Herman Hoffman
YEAR 2003
Colin Nicholson ESM Name Colin Nicholson
YEAR 2004
Nicholas James Elrick ESM Name Nicholas James Elrick
YEAR 2004
Wayne Henry English Name Wayne Harry English
YEAR 2005
Christopher Michael Stickland ESM Name Christopher Michael Stickland
YEAR 2005
Phillip Lawrence Petersen ESM Name Phillip Lawrence Petersen
YEAR 2005
Kenneth Rex Pember Name Kenneth Rex Pember
YEAR 2006
Joyce Mary White ESM Name Joyce Mary White
YEAR 2007
Paul John Dwyer Name Paul John Dwyer
YEAR 2008
Rodney Alan Paterson ESM Name Rodney Alan Paterson
YEAR 2008
Bernie McNamara ESM Name Bernie McNamara
YEAR  2009
Bernie McNamara ESM Name Graham Fixter
YEAR  2011
Bernie McNamara ESM Name Connie Eikelboom
YEAR  2011
Bernie McNamara ESM Name Joe Taylor
YEAR  2013
Trevor Lindsay Patton ESM Name Trevor Lindsay Patton
YEAR  2014